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Dreamy Night Cream

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Dream away your wrinkles with this rejuvenating night cream.
Contains Acetyl-Glutathione to aid in lightening brown spots, building collagen, and rejuvenating the skin. 
Results can be seen in as little as 30 minutes!

Ingredients: Purified water, capric/caprillic triglycerides, vegetable glycerin, aloe vera, honey, cyclomethicone, beeswax, squalene (olive), olive oil, dimethicone, L-retinol, L-pentapeptides, B complex vitamins, L-Hyaluronate, Glutathione palmitate, carnosine palmitate, omega 3, 6, 9 oils, Vitamin E, L-lactic acid, royal gelee, idebenone, beta glucan, beta fructan, amino guanidine, D-betaglucosamine, sodium PCA, essential oils of: calendula, plumeria, vanilla, ylang ylang, lemon, rose, cherry, and citrus seed extract.

1 oz

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